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How the Hive Started

The place where creativity is shared, encouraged and unique gifts are the result. 

When I started painting ceramics sometime in November 2022, it was just another hobby to add to the long list of hobbies. I just wanted to paint some keepsakes for my grandson, and I was not even sure I'd be able to paint anything well; in typical Renee fashion, I bought a bunch of paint (the wrong kind), brushes (the wrong type), and some ceramic bisque from some shops on Etsy (a hit or miss, but mostly miss, on how good the quality of the bisque was).  It's been a huge learning experience but a fantastic couple of years, and it's become an obsession. Still, I've discovered I can merge my other crafting skills to help enhance painting along with other one-of-a-kind keepsake gifts that are unique and something I hope you want to pass down to your children, grandchildren, and everyone in your life.  

I've also discovered that there are many crafters or painters out there just like me who struggle with who to purchase from, who to learn from, and where we can all go for trusted advice and sellers. So, if you're not here to buy a gift made by me because you make gifts just like I do, I want this to be a place where you can purchase tools and items to help you enhance your projects, but more than that; find trusted sellers that I've personally vetted, trusted sources for learning and advise, and have a community of people who love to share their ideas, and give feedback that's helpful but positive. 

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