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 Gammy’s Happy Bees Custom Crafts

What started off as a hobby in November 2022 as a way to paint keepsakes for my grandson, turned into my meditation, and has now become my obsession!  My hope is you find that perfect gift, for yourself or someone you love, that is a cherished keepsake you're proud to pass on to people for generations.

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All items are custom-made, but not always pre-ordered.  If you see a work in progress that interests you, contact me for availability.

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From base coating, dry brushing, shading, details, and any customer embellishments; each piece goes through changes that you can't even imagine. I work with small shops that have been vetted for quality and customer services as well as shops that specialize in hand made, custom pieces that are project specific. The process is so exciting and helps other small businesses. I hope you're as excited to see each project transform as I am!

Prices are calculated based on cost of material, design time, and hour of work that have gone into a finished piece and estimated on pieces that have yet to be finished.  Some of the custom embellishments are ordered after the design of the piece has been determined.  The example in the picture on the right are the camper lights.  They were requested and custom made by Holly Hopewell.  Find her on Facebook and see what other amazing things she's customized.   


Any unpainted bisque pieces are for customization only, I don't sell bisque, but in most cases have the shop that I've purchased from linked to the product.  Any purchased pieces that aren't painted are for customization only.  

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How It Works

All products are custom-created and hand painted. All sales are final.

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