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Here you'll find the AMAZING shops where I purchased the bisque I paint. 

You'll notice a resounding theme once you spend time on my website browsing the products and pages. Where I have unpainted ceramic pieces (bisque), I don't sell them unpainted. Anytime you see an unpainted piece for sale on my website, it's because it's available for custom painting.  

When I started painting 2 years ago, I didn't know where to purchase pieces to paint, I got a lot of really bad bisque and didn't know any different.  After meeting some amazing people and finding the most outstanding mentor, I learned what to look for and found several sellers that I trust.  People I've personally worked with and know pour, pack, and ship their products to perfection.  

Ceramic Bisque Sellers 

Kim Crist

Kim has been pouring ceramics for 20 years, starting in plaster craft and graduating to ceramics. She's married with 3 children, 5 grandsons, 1 great-grandson, and 1 great-granddaughter. Depending on how busy she is with orders, when you order from her website it takes approximately 6 weeks from pouring to shipping.   

Robyn Rininger House

Bisque & Pieces Ceramics

(Facebook Page)

Painting for 30 years, Robyn started pouring in 2019. She's a mother, grandmother, and wife who loves to bake and does some catering on the side. She hosts an entertaining show called Bisque & Pieces that you must check out. You will laugh so hard but learn some cool stuff.  Her studio is located in her church's upper west wing, and Robyn is seriously one of the best people I know.  She does many shop buyouts and is clear when selling a piece they didn't pour.  

Marshell Booher

Ceramics by Marshell (Facebook Page)

Marshell Booher has been doing ceramics for 33 years after selling hybrid iris plants to a gal who invited her to paint at the shop she had.  Orders take around two weeks, depending on how busy she is, but I can tell you from personal experience that the pieces are clean, she ships quickly, and her packing is terrific.  Marshall was also one of the first people to offer help on Facebook when I first started painting.  

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